Family Medicine and Primary Care Centre

Family Medicine and Primary Care Centre

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Our Hospital has set up a Family Medicine Division in the Outpatient Department since 2001. In April 2006, a Family Medicine Centre was established to provide continuous, comprehensive and holistic care to patients. All Resident Medical Officers in the Department have received formal vocational training in Family Medicine to take care of patients' physical, social, occupational, family and emotional needs.

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What is Family Medicine?

The family doctor is dedicated to providing patients with care which is:

Community-based Care
Family doctors provide personal health care in the context of the patient's family, work, environment and the community.

Continuous Care
Family doctors have the incessant responsibility to take care of their patients, both in sickness and in general health. This responsibility does not stop after treating one acute episode of illness. It allows the doctor to have a longitudinal picture of the health of the patient to enable him/her to provide the best possible care.

Comprehensive Care
Family doctors have expert knowledge covering a wide range of common medical problems and their treatment. Conditions like skin, nasal or bronchial allergies can be treated by family doctors. When specialist care in dermatology, ENT surgery or respiratory medicine is required, family doctors can refer patients to and coordinate with different specialists to provide suitable treatment to their patients.

Primary Care
Family doctors provide "first-contact" care, serving as a point-of-entry for patients into the healthcare system. Family doctors play a vital role in the initial management of patients, directing them to the appropriate specialist and coordinating with other healthcare professionals and community services when necessary.

Holistic Care
Illnesses not only impair our body, but also our emotions, and often times, bring anxiety. Family doctors provide care to patients by taking care of their physical, social, work, family and emotional needs.

Preventive Care
Apart from giving curative treatment to various diseases, family doctors aim to promote health and build a health-conscious community. This is achieved by educating the public on common health issues and giving appropriate advice on healthy lifestyles and anticipatory care to individuals.

Why is it important to promote Family Medicine in Hong Kong?
Family medicine addresses the different dimensions of health problems of the community. It is crucial to integrate theories and practices in biological, clinical and behavioural sciences to provide primary and holistic care to every individual.

In recent years, as health care systems in different parts of the world have experienced enormous resources constraints in the provision of specialist care, there has been a rising tendency to attach increasing importance to primary care. Enhancing the quality of Family Medicine is the most cost-effective measure to resolve our problems and gives us the best medical care in the long-term.

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Family Medicine and Primary Care Centre
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Monday to Friday:9:00 am - 7:00 pm (except public holidays)
Saturday:9:00 am - 1:00 pm

ArrowThe Outpatient Department provides 24-hour service outside the office hours of the Family Medicine and Primary Care Centre and on Sundays and public holidays.

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HKSH Healthcare Family Medicine and Primary Care Centre (Island West)
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Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays